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Suggestions on how to save energy consumption in your water treatment system

WATER TREATMENTmodular, fixed and/or transportable solutionsIt has as main advantage the supply of water at low production costs and complying at all times with the World Health Organization’s Drinking Water Quality Standards (WHO-WHO).

MODULAR CONSTRUCTIONIndustrialized constructionIndustrialized construction system, by franchising with serial manufacturing of load-bearing elements and reinforced concrete enclosures, carried out on site. This technology produces enormous advantages.

Renewing the Promise of Ethanol & Biotechnology

Focused on the customer and their needs, we base our commitment on a process of ‘continuous improvement’, generating valuable know-how with quality systems, methodologies and ‘proprietary’ technological developments that guarantee success and the highest quality in each of the sustainable energy solutions offered to our customers.

We carry out previous interconnection analysis selecting the most feasible option or options. We obtain land located outside important environmental protection figures. We carry out a pre-environmental analysis to verify the suitability of the land (analysis of affections). We carry out the development of the photovoltaic project as the main developer or co-developer, actively participating in all stages of development, processing governmental approvals, negotiating EPAs,…

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With the implementation of technology based on renewable energies, we are developing projects for the valorization of surplus kWh and avoided CO2 emissions savings from PV installations, making use of Blockchain technology in certain phases of the process, adding significant value to our offerings. We develop sustainability and energy efficiency projects applied to different sectors.

Helios stove cleaning

Turnkey projects for heating, cooling and DHW systems using geothermal energy. Possibility of financing the installation through the Energy Service Company (ESCO) model.

Financing of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy projects under the Energy Service Company (ESCO) scheme. With this solution you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of these investments, but without the need to provide the capital.

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No need for redundant systemBy having full availability eliminates the need to install another redundant system, as in the case of solar thermal. Eliminates the need for natural gas or other fuel in the home.

Healthier environmentCreates a healthier environment when used with underfloor cooling, which reduces energy demand, eliminates drafts from air cooling systems and improves relative humidity in homes and buildings.

Amurrio. Renewable Energy Park.

Our areas of activity are adapted to the strategic interest of our clients and collaborators, offering comprehensive project development services, construction consultancy, financing and sale of solar photovoltaic generation plants.

All our projects are meticulously structured from the beginning with the choice of the right site, high radiation and cost-effective evacuation, applying the highest standards of environmental sustainability.  We generate value from the outset, optimizing projects from a technical, financial and legal point of view in order to provide our partners and investors with the highest reliability in the construction and execution of the plants in the long term.

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We guide the financial structuring of projects in order to obtain the profitability, reliability and guarantee required by our investors, in the development, construction and commercial operation stage. We advise on the necessary financial actions.

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